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It begins with what you think, but ends with what you see

>   Include all screen and printer fonts used in your layout documents and in your images or logos.
>   High quality images should be at least 300 DPI and CYMK.
>   Create your document the same size as the final printed size.
>   Extend any images or backgrounds that go up to the edge of the document by 1/8" (i.e. bleeds).
>   Do not use the styles palette to bold or italicize a font.  Instead, use the actual font family like Helvetica Bold or Helvetica Italic.
>   Depending on how your document will be printed, verify that all colors used are either spot or CYMK.  Please change any RGB images or colors to CYMK.
>   When supplying Hi-Res PDF files, make sure to use the Press Quality default setting along with crop marks.